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Always Classy, Occasionally Provocative

As people, we often find ourselves living two halves of one life. Our waking life, the us that plays out in the sun with our job, and all of our responsibilities. The other-- a dream life, a deep basement that contains everything beneath the surface of our conscious mind-- our impulses, our wants, our needs.

The joy of our encounter will come from crossing that threshold from waking into dreaming, from day into the night-- together. At that threshold, we will leave all of our worries and uneasiness. With me, you will find a place of release. Let us lose our current selves only to discover our rejuvenated selves. Thank you for considering me for this journey.

Now a little bit about your would-be companion! In my waking life-- I work in finance, Classy Camille in the cubicle. In my dream life-- I am your most intimate confidant, a stranger made familiar. My body is petite, tight, and my golden skin is soft to the touch. My personality is open-minded, playful, affectionate, and just a little bit bad.

In no particular order, my favorite things include: live music, surfing, white wine, exotic fine dining, tango, sincerity, laughter, and good conversation. I also hold an MBA. I consider myself a student for life and am eager to take in everything this experience has to offer. I may be new, but don't let that discourage you.

If you value your time, have sophisticated taste, and are fond of being with a multifaceted woman who will enjoy your company, then look no further. I'm here. I would love to let the select few catch a glimpse of my world and share with you who I am, in the most natural way possible. It is my hope that we can form a genuine connection, human to human. Won't you take a chance on me?



Twitter: @mscamilleliu



Phone Number: (619) 928-5201 (text ONLY)

I respond quickest to emails. New friends, please understand that email is the only way I will be able to properly screen you. For both our safety and discretion, I will only be reachable by email or text. If you do attempt to call me, I will usually reply with a text or a request for you to email me.


I invite you to visit my website for information regarding packages, duos with my male and female friends, and more photos.

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